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Posts from April 2018

The commissioning of a new trawler is always symbolic of much more than its physical presence on the water. 
Nine times out of 10, a boat encapsulates a family’s, and even a a community’s, hopes and dreams. 
And the Summer Rose is no different. 
Named at a ceremony accompanied by a piper and led by a minister from the Mission to Seafarers on Saturday 21 April, she is the latest vessel to leave the Parkol Marine Engineering yard in Whitby, and is destined for Oban in the North of Scotland. From there, she will fish for scallops off the coast of the UK. 
John MacAlister, her new owner, travelled down from the far north for the ceremony, with an array of family and friends, for a full day and night of celebrations. 
Pearson Electrical is a truly international business – our work as marine electrical engineering specialists takes us all over the world, pretty much wherever our clients might need us. 
Atlantic Marine’s fleet of specialist ships (Atlantic Enterprise, Tonjer, Carrier, Supporter and Explorer) are available for charter in conjunction with offshore equipment hire on a crewed vessel only or vessel-plus-services charter basis. Each ship – which are class DP2 – has a unique capability to be provided to clients ‘clear decks’ or with a fully mobilised spread of specialist equipment as a full service rental/charter package. 
Specialist knowledge 
Naturally it’s very important that should a commercial vessel be out of action due to electrical issues, wherever it may be in the world at the time, it can be brought back online as quickly as possible, and that’s where Pearson Electrical’s years of expert capability and experience comes up trumps. 
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