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Mill Nurseries is one of our longest-standing clients and one we’ve been proud to accompany on its successful journey towards becoming one of the UK’s biggest growers. 
Our relationship began two decades ago and we are about to help them deliver their latest multi-million-pound project, to expand their greenhouse growing capacity by 25 per cent. 
The successful family business, established in 1962, is already East Yorkshire’s largest tomato grower and sixth largest in the UK, supplying over one hundred million tomatoes a year to supermarkets Cooperative, Waitrose, Morrisons and Lidl. 
The latest build project, which will add eight more acres of glasshouses to the current 24-acre capacity at its Mill Nurseries site, has been fuelled by increased Cooperative orders and is commencing later this month, with completion planned for this November. 
Pearson Electrical will be carrying out the electrical installation work required to get them up and running. 
We will be creating a detailed project plan including mapping the electrical distribution to the new greenhouses, designing and building the distribution and control panels that will power the many pieces of automated equipment including fans, heating, lighting and thermal curtains – and, of course, installing the eight acres of electrical wiring. 
The commissioning of a new trawler is always symbolic of much more than its physical presence on the water. 
Nine times out of 10, a boat encapsulates a family’s, and even a a community’s, hopes and dreams. 
And the Summer Rose is no different. 
Named at a ceremony accompanied by a piper and led by a minister from the Mission to Seafarers on Saturday 21 April, she is the latest vessel to leave the Parkol Marine Engineering yard in Whitby, and is destined for Oban in the North of Scotland. From there, she will fish for scallops off the coast of the UK. 
John MacAlister, her new owner, travelled down from the far north for the ceremony, with an array of family and friends, for a full day and night of celebrations. 
Pearson Electrical is a truly international business – our work as marine electrical engineering specialists takes us all over the world, pretty much wherever our clients might need us. 
Atlantic Marine’s fleet of specialist ships (Atlantic Enterprise, Tonjer, Carrier, Supporter and Explorer) are available for charter in conjunction with offshore equipment hire on a crewed vessel only or vessel-plus-services charter basis. Each ship – which are class DP2 – has a unique capability to be provided to clients ‘clear decks’ or with a fully mobilised spread of specialist equipment as a full service rental/charter package. 
Specialist knowledge 
Naturally it’s very important that should a commercial vessel be out of action due to electrical issues, wherever it may be in the world at the time, it can be brought back online as quickly as possible, and that’s where Pearson Electrical’s years of expert capability and experience comes up trumps. 
For more than 40 years, Northern Divers (ENG) Ltd operated out of a majestic building overlooking the River Hull, not far from what has now become one of the city’s most recognisable landmarks, The Deep. 
In 2010 the company moved to new premises on the Sutton Fields industrial estate but although their surroundings were new, the heritage and vast experience of the marine specialists remained. And their reputation as one of Europe's most well-known and respected underwater civil engineering and commercial diving companies has continued to grow. 
Managing director John Sparrowe joined what was his father’s business as a young man and has developed it into a world-class company covering underwater civil engineering, commercial diving, inland and coastal work, harbour and dock maintenance, salvage, sluice/gate maintenance structural inspections and repairs, windfarm operations, hydrographical surveys, bridge inspections and pipeline installations, to name but a few of their services. As their website proclaims, they go well beyond the provision of men in diving suits. 
Hence why we were honoured when Northern Divers asked us if we could take care of the wiring for their new work boat, the MV Anne-Marie. 
Earlier this year, we were delighted to announce we’d agreed a three-year maintenance contract with City Cruises York, to upgrade and maintain the five vessels in its fleet. 
The company specialises in cruises along the beautiful River Ouse in York, offering sightseeing cruises, party cruises, and private charters. 
We’re very proud to be working with companies with the kind of reputation and profile City Cruises York has, and are looking forward to supporting their ambitions to further boost their business success in the years to come. 
Feeling festive..... 
Earlier this month, we were privileged to be part of the ‘birth’ of the Sparkling Star, the first brand new trawler Pearson Electrical has wired for Parkol Marine Engineering as part of our exciting contract with them. 
There was much ceremony about the occasion, at Parkol’s Whitby shipyard. It featured the vessel’s new owner and his family, down from the north of Scotland, in full kilt regalia; a blessing by a minister from the Mission to Seafarers north of the border and the symbolic breaking of a bottle of champagne on the vessel’s Hull by the new owner’s wife, Roma Corbett. 
And little wonder, really, when you consider how much of an icon of hope a new trawler like this actually is. 
The Sparkling Star is one of a number of vessels in the pipeline to be manufactured by Parkol in the next couple of years. Hence why they’ve commissioned us to support them with the electrical wiring, repair and maintenance of the boats. 
The exciting launch of our new website seems a fitting moment to re-cap on where our business has come from, and our aspirations for the future. 
When I established Pearson Electrical, and its sister company Humber Rewind, I had decades of hands-on skill, hard work and determination – and a sketchy but powerful vision on my side. 
However, the way both companies have developed in the years since has exceeded even my wildest imaginings and I’m very grateful to everyone who has played a part in that success and continues to do so, from our loyal clients and employees to partner organisations like Greenport Hull. 
Not only do they reflect my own commitment, they wholeheartedly believe in our potential for success and so help us to make it happen. 
Where we’re at..... 
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